Golden Colorado

20th annual conference
October 16 - 19, 2014

"Coming Home"

The Golden Hotel and Table Mountain Inn

Golden, CO

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2014 Conference Materials

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Up Close and Personal - Making the Third Person POV Pop! - presenter: Pamela Nowak

Rules for Writing Memoir - presenter: Anne Schroeder

Place as Character - presenters: Dawn Wink, Leslie Poling-Kempes, Susan J. Tweit, Julene Bair, Page Lambert

Writing the West For Kids - presenters: Shiela Foard, Betty Bauer, Beth Hodder, Marcia Melton

The WASP - Anomoly to Aviation Legend - presenter: Sarah Rickman

So You Want to Write and Publish: An Introduction to Today's World of Authoring and Publishing - presenters: Susan J. Tweit, Mara Purl, Doris Baker, Leslee Breene

Every Writer Needs a Community - presenters: Kayann Short, Page Lambert, Julene Bair, Susan J. Tweit