Eagle Crest Resort, Redmond OR

22nd annual conference
October 13 - 16, 2016

"Enduring Spirits Untold Stories"

Drury Plaza Hotel

Santa Fe, NM

Enduring Spirits Untold Stories




Saturday sessions include a variety of great topics!

Finding “The Voice”-the Biographers Secret Weapon - Sarah Byrn Rickman, Joce B. Lohse
Preserving the voices of those who have been silenced — for whatever reason — Joyce Lohse brings Colorado history to life through pioneers’ voices and Sarah Rickman breathes life into little known women pilots who flew in World War II. The reader hears these voices as they bring history to life and give context to the place and time in which the stories take place.

Editor Acquisition Pane l-Guest editors
Join our guest agents for a Q&A on query and submission procedures for their houses and details about the genres they are acquiring.

Podcasting for Writers - C.M. Mayo
What’s a podcast and, as a writer, what abracadabra can you do with one? Podcasts, which are on-line audio files, can not only serve as promotional tools for writers, but can be storytelling vehicles themselves, whether as stand-alone works, a series, or as complements to a text. This session provides an introduction plus nuts-and-bolts tips to help you get started podcasting immediately.

Writing Across Borders and Cultures - C.M. Mayo, Kathryn Ferguson, Dawn Wink, Other
As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the role of literature in providing a compassionate glimpse of other peoples becomes ever more crucial. This panel discussion explores how writers can convey cultures beyond our own with authenticity and respect. How do writers develop the confidence-- without falling into common traps of presumption-- to tell stories of cultures other than their own? How can we find the stories that reveal, perhaps, and oftentimes, that others are not so different as they may appear at first glance? How can writers use a single theme within their work to explore the greater dynamics of culture, characters, history, and plot? And why are these stories from across borders so critically important?

The Audiobook Revolution-Richard Rieman
Learn how to determine if an audiobook version of your book will work, whether you should hire a narrator or voice your own audiobook, and the essential steps to create an audiobook as well as what costs to expect, what royalties to expect, how to reduce the cost of creating an audiobook, how to promote and market your audiobook, and strategies to make your audiobook profitable.

Just Whose Story is This? - Randall Platt
Point of view is probably the most important decision any writer of fiction has to make when facing the loneliest place on earth: Chapter One, Page One. Who is the best character to tell the story? Which character offers the best voice, the most possibilities? What about multiple points of view? Every story needs a strong storyteller. What characters, what tense can best tell your story and result in the best possible voice?

Live in the Story or Die on the Page - Jeanne S. Guerra
Research is essential to good writing, but the “write” research means getting up out of your chair and living in your story. Learn how hands-on experiences enhance any story and how different research techniques can work for you as never before in finding untold stories.

Putting Duct Tape on Negative Harpies - Jane Kirkpatrick
Negative self-talk (harpy chirping) can destroy a writer’s passion. Let a mental health professional and writer help you discover ways to identify your negativity and actions to take to put duct tape on those harpies. Participants hear snippets of bad reviews from notables like Hemingway and Ken Kesey; identify the seven common negative voices that hold writer’s back; and practice writing new stories to silence the harpies.

Mapping our Stories: Sketch to Words to Page - Dawn Wink, Susan J. Tweit
Discover new depths and details in your writing—both fiction and creative non-fiction—with story mapping, a pictorial tool you’ll use again and again. Learn how to draw on this technique for envisioning your settings and characters to bring new life to your writing. This session guides writers through the connection of the physical act of sketching and conveying a scene into the creation of detailed and powerful narrative form. Tweit and Wink walk writers through these exercises through readings, mapping prompts, engaged discussion with peers, and narrative form.

The Playful Writer: Valuable Lessons from When We Were Kids - Stephanie West Allen
Play has many benefits for writers, both for the quality of what they produce and their process of writing. Several benefits will be presented, including relevant brain science. Practices to facilitate benefits of play will be demonstrated. Attendees will design individualized play plans that fit their preferences and goals.

Flash Memoir: Telling Our Stories Today - Miriam Sagan
What is your life’s story in ten minutes? Discover how to tell your tale in time and place.
This participatory workshop session will focus on using fast timed writing exercises to get to the heart of our autobiographies. Our individual histories are part of the whole, and this allows us to wake up to the tales we have to tell. Includes listing, letters, and diary techniques as well as inserts in book length works.

Rainbows & Rattlesnakes: Finding Spirit and Self on the Trail-Brenda Lanphear
In order to experience the wild richness and vast freedom of the West, one must go into nature.
Reconnecting with the natural world sustains, heals, and deepens the human experience. Mixing her personal stories with ideas of celebrated indigenous writers, the author works to explore the messages in nature’s symbolic gifts.

What Makes Writing and Marketing for Kids Special?-Randall Platt, Nancy Oswald, Betsy James, JoJo Thoreau
Four kid-lit authors discuss the special challenges and rewards facing authors of YA, MG, and children’s literature. Sharing their knowledge, experiences, and advice, they’ll offer a broad range of insights into this unique genre.

Synopses and Queries and Formatting, Oh My! - Deni Dietz
Learn why queries and synopses written like tweets won’t fly, why to format your manuscript, how to make sure your manuscript is “clean,” and why ‘They’ said to do it this way” isn’t viable anymore. Deni will dissect queries and/or one-page, single-spaced synopses, offer examples, and reveal some laugh-out-loud queries from Deni’s archive.

Creativity and the Writing Life-Anne Hillerman, Julie Weston
Two favorite Western authors share a conversation on how they’ve fostered creativity within their writing lives, maintained their focus, and kept their writing fresh.



Join Historic Walks of Santa Fe on a customized tour of Old Santa Fe led by a professional guide, presenting wonderful commentary on the rich Spanish history and culture of the downtown historic district. The tour features reenactments by historical figures in costume. Conference attendees are invited to wear their own costumes to make the walk even more spectacular!

Historic Walking Tour

From the Historic Walks of Santa Fe website (http://historicwalksofsantafe.com).

Historic Walks of Santa Fe provides expert customized destination planning for an array of groups, including major corporations and universities, worldwide travel companies for select groups, wedding and reunion parties and private groups.

With so many things to do in Santa Fe, Historic Walks ensures that visitors experience the very best of the city's attractions. Led by professional guides/art historians, museum docents and seasoned actors recreating the past, our unique tours showcase Santa Fe's rich history and exciting contemporary scene.

Featured on "Good Morning America's Weekend Window to Santa Fe”, Historic Walks of Santa Fe's acclaimed tours showcase the celebrated spirit of Santa Fe, both old and new. Meet our most famous, and infamous, historical sites and residents. Learn about the Santa Fe art colony, Pueblo traditions and historic architecture, including the Palace of the Governors, the Loretto Chapel with its miraculous staircase and the San Miguel Mission Church, the oldest mission church in the U.S.