Catalog of Authors' Books

To purchase books, call your local bookstore or order from an online bookseller or the publisher or website listed.

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Each year, Women Writing the West prints a Catalog of Books to help promote members' works. This dynamic and professional catalog is recognized for the quality of books it contains. WWW distributes more than 4,000 copies per year. One of the best marketing values in the industry!

Listings for the 2020 Catalog

Catalog Display Participation Fees:
Small Size: 3.625" wide x 2" tall = $75
Quarter Page Size: 3.625" wide x 4.75" tall = $175
Half Page Size: 7.75" wide x 5" tall = $275
Full Page Size: 7.75" wide x 10.25 tall = $400

Catalog submissions for the 2020 Catalog

If paying by check, return completed applications and fees to:

Women Writing the West Catalog
Beverly Lionberger Hodgins, Editor
1509 E. Cambridge Ln.
Spokane, WA 99203-3937

To receive a print copy of the catalog, please contact administrator, Alice Trego, or write Women Writing the West, P.O. Box 10668, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110.