Jerrie Hurd and Sybil Downing
WWW Co-founders

Both of us were already writers with strong western roots when we met for the first time on a snowy night in the early 1990s at an organizational meeting of the Women of the West Museum. Two days later we got together again over hamburgers. If the time was right to build a museum celebrating the women's West, as it was, why not books about the same? Willa Cather had provided a firm foundation. Now books set in the west written by the likes of Louise Erdrich, Barbara Kingsolver, Teresa Jordan, Joan Lowery Nixon, and Maxine Kingston were coming out from New York publishers. But to keep the bandwagon rolling required promotion and lots of it. Enter Women Writing the West.

Women Writing the West Presidents


1995-96 Sybil Downing
1996-97 Sybil Downing
1997-98 Jerrie Hurd
1998-99 Carolyn Bauer
1999-2000 Carolyn Bauer
2000-01 Paula Boyd
2001-02 Paige Ramsey-Palmer
2002-03 Cynthia Leal Massey
2003-04 Gail Jenner
2004-05 Sarah Rickman
2005-06 Jane Kirkpatrick
2006-07 Jacque Boyd
2007-08 Kathleen Ernst
2008-09 Sheila Foard
2009-10 Alice D. Trego
2010-11 Suzanne Lyon
2011-12 Pamela Tartaglio
2012-13 Erin Gray
2013-14 Cynthia Becker
2014-15 Anne Schroeder
2015-16 Doris Baker
2016-17 Linda Jacobs
2017-18 Carmen Peone
2018-19 Irene "Cindy" Sandell

















Founding Members


Sierra Adare
Natalia Aponte – TOR/Forge
Jane Valentine Barker
Carolyn Bauer
Sarah Bird
Cindy Bonner
Glenn G. Boyer
Irene Bennett Brown
Corinne Brown
Susan Butruille
Jenna Caplette
Jane Chelius – Jane Chelius Literary Agency
Rita Cleary
Margaret Coel
Jane Candia Coleman
Sandra Dallas
John Dofflemyer – Dry Crik Review
Sybil Downing
Karen Emanuelson
Patricia McMartin Enders
Edna Fiore
Kathleen O'Neal Gear
Gary Goldstein
Ann Gorzalka
Harry Helm
Charlotte Hinger
Jerrie Hurd
Judith Janay
Deana Jensen
Erin Jourdan – TOR/Forge
Julie Wallin Kaewert
Jane Kirkpatrick
Alice P. Kober
Dr. Victoria Krueger
Page Lambert
Elaine Long
Mary Lynn Mardis
Dee Marvine
Paul McCarthy
Kay McDonald
Gwendolyn J. Morgan-Jones
Lesley Kellas Payne
Bobette Perrone
Gwen Petersen
Nancy Cathers Phillips
Nell Brown Propst
Linda Quinton – TOR/Forge
Mary Ramstetter
Susan C. Reneau
Glenda Riley
Janet E. Robertson
Lucia St. Clair Robson
Irene "Cindy" Sandell
Karen Sorenson
Linda Sparks
Beth Sullivan – Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
AJ Verdelle
Linda A. White
Jeanne Williams
Jann Arrington Wolcott
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