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Upcoming WWW Events

Registration for the 27th Annual WWW Conference – A Virtual Event – is now open!
See all Conference information, and register here

September 10 – Conference E-Tickets and schedules delivered to attendees’ inboxes.

September 29 – Third Quarter Board meeting (8am PDT; 9am MDT; 10am CDT; 11am EDT)

October 1 – E-Ticket to Annual Meeting and Award Gala delivered to all members’ inboxes

October 1-5 – Learn to Zoom sessions

October 5 – 9 – National Auction for the WILLA Literary Award

October 7 – Roundtable Workshops

October 7-9 – Bridging the Past & Future; The 2021 WWW Conference begins (8 am PST)

October 9 – WWW Annual Meeting (Noon, Pacific Time)

Open to all WWW members – Please join us!

October 9 – WWW Award Gala  (6-8pm PDT)

Open to everyone – Join us in Celebrating the 2021 Winners and Finalists

November 1 – Entries open for The WWW WILLA Literary Award