Membership Levels

Annual Membership: $70/year for Members residing within the US

International Membership: $75.00 for Members residing outside of the US

Sustaining Membership: $105.00 Sustaining members receive an enamel WWW Logo Pin.

Membership Renewal – Test Option #2

This is a Membership Portal. Once there, the member can change payment method, billing address and, best of all, choose to “upgrade” or “downgrade” their membership by choosing a level, all offered on the one page. It also makes it very clear when their membership is due, and in my case because I renewed in September 2022, doesn’t even offer me a chance to renew now, so here are some screenshots of what it looks like to someone who’s renewal is coming up.

Canceling the membership actually cancels on the renewal date.

Test it with this button here:

Doris’s note: I am starting to prefer this all-in-one portal. I can put this Renew button anywhere on the site, including on the My Account and Members Only pages.

So the membership “flow” would be – New members would be directed to the EasyCart checkout page at where they fill out the form and set a password, and receive the official Welcome letter and receipt.

Renewing Members would click the above button and go directly to Stripe to pay their membership dues. They should receive a receipt for the payment.

All members will still receive the emailed invoice when their memberships are due and they can pay from there too. But for those that don’t trust the email, they can also go to the same payment page directly from the website.

Which option should we try?